Chicago Baseball Museum – Jack Brickhouse Micro-website & Social Media The Chicago Baseball Museum pays tribute to Jack Brickhouse in this special Jack Brickhouse microsite in anticipation of the Cubs honoring him with a special Bobblehead day on July 25, 2014, as part of their Wrigley Field 100th anniversary celebration. The website recalls different facets of Brickhouse’s life, including stories, photos from the collection […]

Chicago Baseball Museum – Double Duty Microsite & Social Media Chicago Baseball Museum, an O3 client since 2008, did minor redesign of their website in 2012 with the help of O3 Internet.  O3 helps the CBM keep the site interesting and updated, with as many as 2-3 new feature articles or sidebar posts a week with photos and a link to a longer story […]

The Three Fundamental Skills of a Successful Internet Consultant

Have you ever heard of the term “five tool player?” It’s a phrase used to describe a particular baseball player who has the capacity to excel at hitting for average, hitting for power, base running skills, throwing ability, and fielding abilities. While it may seem like that’s what baseball players should be good at anyway […]

Dentist Staten Island Dr. Goodman’s previous website suffered from generic design and content. Logo Design The new design started with a new logo that reflects the professionalism, caring and humor of Dr. Goodman. Website Design On the website, the gentle blue and green colors are added along with red accents that match the logo.  Homepage images rotate […]

Social Media Basics: Legal aspects of Social Media

Social media can help companies build relationships and allow customers to promote the business with user-generated content such as comments, feedback, and recommendations to friends.   Consumers are increasingly seeking out online reviews of products and services before making a purchase.  Encouraging social media endorsements, soliciting testimonials, and requesting online reviews can be a way for […]

Future of the Internet: Multimedia Search Engine

There’s only one certainty in the Internet world: things are going to change. Here’s a glimpse of a possible new multimedia search engine.

Internet Marketing Basics: Waiting is Expensive

In this third in a series of three explaining the basics of Internet Marketing, I talk about the cost of waiting and how to approach next steps. Your Competitors Aren’t Waiting Waiting is way too expensive – your competitors aren’t waiting.  It can be daunting, but taking that first step and then doing a little […]

Internet Marketing Basics: 5 Essential Elements

The second in a series of three explaining the basics of Internet Marketing offers 5 essentials for effective Internet Marketing. The science of getting found and selling successfully on the Internet has resulted in a wealth of information about how to do it well.  When you have all the parts working together, your Internet Marketing […]

Internet Marketing Basics: the Importance of Being There

In this first of a series of three explaining the basics of Internet Marketing, read about why Internet Marketing should be of interest to business owners; consider questions about your current online marketing. Consumers Tune Out Interruptions Consumers are increasingly tuning out advertising that interrupts.  Marketing folks call that push marketing, and it’s become less […]

Chicago Baseball Museum Website Refresh O3 Internet had worked with The Chicago Baseball Museum to keep website content updated with interesting & informative stories on Chicago baseball history since 2008.   The CBM website already enjoyed a solid professional design. A new Executive Director with a professional writing background had a vision for new content areas to keep visitors coming […]