Effective Internet Marketing: What are Your Internet Marketing Goals?

What are Internet Marketing Goals? Most small business internet marketing goals are to increase sales, to increase leads and customers, and to increase visits to brick and mortar stores.  Other goals might be to provide fast customer service after the sale, to promote follow-on business and to keep current customers engaged over time.

Getting Value from your Web Design Agency

Earlier, I compared two redesigns of municipal websites.  One redesign project had a clear goal that translated into valuable website content and could be used to justify its higher price.  Keeping you focused on your goals is one of the most important values a web design agency can provide, but there are others, too.  I’ll […]

What should a web design agency redesign cost?

I’m always interested in seeing what my competitors are doing in terms of website work, and in today’s paper an article featured two redesigns of municipal websites from two different local web design firms.  Nothing surprising about that, but what caught my attention was the cost of the two redesigns. Chatham’s website, for a city […]