Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois – A Mobile Responsive Website with Improved Functionality

O3 internet created a mobile responsive WordPress website for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illlinois, in

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois (RMHCCI) wanted their website to be easier to maintain and easier for site visitors to use – with online forms and a mobile responsive design for cell phones and mobile devices. O3 Internet worked with RMHCCI staff to redesign the site to be more welcoming to guests staying at the House, to potential donors, and to volunteers.

WordPress CMS for Easy Updates

The new website’s design is brighter and wider, with eye-catching colors, web fonts and icons. The site was built on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). WordPress allows easy updates, extensive customization by RHCCI staff, and improved functionality for forms, family stories, and password protection for staff and board member content. The new site is more efficient for both staff and visitors, allowing RMHCCI to get their message out and to help achieve their mission more effectively with the resources available.

The previous website for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illlinois was cluttered and difficult to maintain.The previous design was cramped and challenging to read due to competing fonts and text sizes. Images of text were used in place of written text to the detriment of search engine optimization and mobile responsiveness.  Lack of drop-down menus meant that some site content was only accessible from deep within site pages.

The new design makes better use of white space and utilizes consistent font and text sizes.  Images are used as supplemental information, rather than the information itself – better for site visitors, easier to maintain and good for search engines.

WordPress is easier to use than the previous CMS, allowing the RMHCCI staff to create date-based posts for News, Events, and the Press Room.  The newest news item or event automatically displays on the homepage, saving time for staff.  The ability to post new Family Stories makes the site more personal and gives the mission of RMHCCI an emotional appeal that was missing from the previous site.

RMHCCI - new mobile responsive website.

Mobile Responsive Website

The mobile responsive website design allows text and images to adjust depending on screen size. Sidebar displays rearrange on the page in mobile view, moving below the text, allowing the visitor to view supplemental content after the main page content. Mobile menus save space, but expand as needed to allow access to all site content. Online forms allow staff to more quickly and efficiently process applications and questions. Entries are automatically emailed to staff members. Saved in WordPress, form entries can be resent to administrator or other RMHCCI staff, reducing the amount of paperwork and email communications between staff and users.

Usable Menus and Website SEO

O3 Internet worked with RMHCCI to restructure the navigation menu to focus on more user-oriented areas.  O3 added drop-down menus and provided contextual sidebar menus that correlate with section content. Site content was rewritten or restructured for improved web readability and to focus on RMHCCI’s mission. Search engine optimization (SEO) was improved to insure site content could be found easily through search engines.

RMHCCI now has a new mobile responsive website that is easier and faster to update.  With improved usability and enhanced functionality, it allows them to better serve their House guests and to attract donors, volunteers and event participants.

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