Distinctive Realty website update


O3 provided local realtor Renee Oreshkov's Distinctive Realty website update.Local realtor Renee Oreshkov, a professional real estate broker and a licensed real estate agent, is part of The Real Estate Group. One of Renee’s focuses is providing realty services to the medical community.

Renee wanted a more interesting and upscale look for her realty website, ReneeDelivers.com.

O3 website redesign started with a background image featuring an upscale home interior.  We rearranged the homepage, made the site mobile responsive, copy-edited the content for web scanning and search engine optimization (SEO), added SEO in key areas.


Distinctive Realty website update: web design, SEO, content editing, email signup, testimonials, and videos.O3 also styled and embedded an automatic feed for Testimonials, videos and an email sign-up form on her Contact page. A link to Renee’s blog was also added.



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