Website Design Services

Why is a website an important part of your marketing?

Potential customers find you when they need you.

An effective website should be the foundation for all your other marketing efforts, which should funnel potential customers who are interested in your products and services to your website for more information, to become leads and customers. Most importantly, a website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making the benefits of doing business with you available to potential customers when they are interested, whether you are available or not.

Quality content is a valuable business asset.

A website can hold as much information as you can afford to generate and maintain. An ample website with quality content is rewarded by search engines, and as you add more content, it becomes more findable over time. Content available on a website can have a useful life of weeks, months and even years, continuing to work for you, attracting new customers without any additional investment. Web content is easier and faster to update with current information, unlike print material.

An effective website indicates stability and success.

Consumers and other businesses view an effective website as an indication that a business is stable and worth doing business with. A website that is poorly designed, lacks important content, is difficult to use, or has errors may discourage potential customers from doing business with you. It may be tempting to use Facebook as your only web presence, and, although we’re a fan of Facebook, it lacks some important functionality that can be added to a website, limiting on your online marketing, and unexpected Facebook changes can derail the appearance or functionality of your Facebook page. Some people don’t use Facebook at all, which can limit your reach.

O3 Internet Consulting Website Services

There are many tasks to complete when creating an effective website. From initial planning to final marketing, it can be difficult to know what is important to do, how to do it well, and how to actually get it all done, especially if it’s not something you do every day. Hiring a web design agency to complete the job for you can be a daunting task, too.  What should you expect from a web design agency? What’s a fair price?

O3 provides a full range of website design services and development services from website consultation to website maintenance, including ongoing content creation. Please view our testimonials, read our blog, and view our specific website design and development services below.

Website Consultation

How does your current website measure up? Our consultations cover multiple aspects of your current website, including:

  • Page-by-page evaluation of branding and design; current content, content organization and website navigation; ease of use; on-page search engine optimization including keyword use.
  • Analysis of current website statistics, if available; survey of competitor sites, including identification of industry sites using “best practices”; keyword analysis and evaluation of external links.
  • Discovery session to discuss goals, target audience and current marketing.
  • Meeting to discuss results and to review Recommendations Report, which may include specific action items for content, structure, and on-site and off-site SEO.

Website Design Services and Development Project Services

An effective website should be easily found, attract visitors with great content, and help you reach your goals – more customers, more money, or getting your message across.

  • Website project planning, including setting goalsdefining your unique valueunderstanding your audience
  • Competitor, industry and non-profit research
  • Website content evaluation, site organization and navigation; creation of site content outline
  • Custom website design for a completely unique website or customization of an existing design template for fast implementation
  • Effective website redesigns
  • Website usability review and testing
  • Website application planning, programming, installation, configuration and customization
  • Blog setup, configuration, training, content writing, and ongoing monitoring and support

Website Content and Maintenance Services

Fresh, keyword-optimized content is not only good for search engines, but it also educates website visitors, keeps them interested so they visit again, helps to brand your company as a trustworthy expert, and helps convert leads to customers.

  • Website content planning, including understanding your goals, your ideal customer, your products and services, your message
  • Competitor, industry and non-profit research
  • Website content evaluation, site organization and navigation
  • Planning for images, videos and other non-text content
  • Web content management tools and step-by-step training and documentation to help you maintain your own website, if you wish
  • Website maintenance to keep content fresh, keep visitors engaged and increase findability via search engines
  • Brainstorming content and blog topics that will interest your ideal client
  • Creation and maintenance of an editorial calendar; planning for seasonal content
  • Interviewing or research to develop content material for topics
  • Web content writing and editing for website pages, landing pages, blogs, email communication, and press releases
  • Protecting valuable website assets, including intangibles, during redesigns and updates
  • Content creation for whitepapers, case studies and newsletters.
  • Web content management tools and step-by-step training and documentation to help you maintain your own website, if you wish
  • Ongoing content creation and content curation services, such as blog postings, email newsletters, and social media management

Website Management & Forensic Services

  • Recovery of “lost” domain names and reinstatement of domain ownership
  • Recovery of hacked websites
  • Evaluation of old websites; recovery of assets.
  • Recovery of social media and other online accounts
  • Hosting and domain name services: moves, backups