Lead Generation Services

What is Lead Generation?

The goal of lead generation is to attract qualified sales leads and obtain their contact information. All your online marketing (search enginesocial mediaemail) should drive potential customers to your website. Once there, you promote helpful offers using eye-catching call-to-action banner images. When site visitors click through, optimized landing pages encourage them to submit their contact information in exchange for an offer that is of value to them.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Once you have potential customers’ contact information, you can keep in touch, moving them through the sales process to become customers. Lead nurturing campaigns use email to offer additional valuable information appropriate to the needs of a customer in a particular phase of the sales process. This helps to ensure that your message is welcome and that your leads will become profitable customers who are a good fit for your products and services who will enthusiastically refer others to your business.

Why is lead generation and lead nurturing important?

Being intentional about attracting and nurturing potential customers results in customers who are profitable and a good fit. Potential customers are much less likely to view your messages as intrusive because you take care to provide helpful information to them when they’re ready for it. And your marketing budget, resources and time are used in the most effective way to generate revenue for your company and meet your goals.

O3 Internet Consulting Lead Generation Services

  • Lead Generation planning & implementation
  • Create ideal customer personas
  • Sales funnel nurturing & offers
  • Offers: generating ideas; creating content
  • Call-to-action banner image design
  • Landing page planning, design & testing
  • Lead nurturing planning, email designcontent writing & testing
  • Lead evaluation & prioritization process
  • Lead nurturing metrics: tracking, conversion rates
  • Automated lead tracking, nurturing and evaluation