Email Marketing Services

What is email marketing?

Email marketing allows businesses and non-profits to regularly keep in touch with current or prospective customers or members and other groups using email, which recipients can read on their own schedule.

Why is email marketing important?

Businesses and organizations can use attractive, professional-looking email marketing to stay connected, offer up-to-date information on products and services, keep customers informed about news and events, and build stronger relationships. Email can be used to send relevant and targeted messages, and can include photos and links to other content such as videos, website pages, and other documents. Email is easy for your customers to read, easy to share by forwarding, and it’s easy to sign up. Email is inexpensive to create, with no postage, printing, or paper costs, and senders receive quick feedback on results.

Email can be used to nurture leads and customers who are interested in learning more about your products and services, but who aren’t yet ready to buy. Automated lead nurturing can send email messages at particular stages in the buying process, on a time schedule or as a result of an action a potential customer takes, such as filling out a form on your website.

Email service providers offer multiple advantages over sending email yourself through Outlook or Gmail. The ability for email subscribers to manage their own subscriptions, including unsubscribes, an important part of staying CAN-SPAM compliant and off email blacklists, and they also provide the ability to easily segment email addresses into lists, to track opens and click-throughs, to manage failed deliveries and to keep lists clean, to ensure layout consistent with email client software, and to integrate with social media and other services.

O3 Internet Consulting Email Marketing Services

  • Email marketing consulting, integration and planning
  • Integrate email design and message with your brand and other online marketing
  • Assist with selection of email service provider
  • Set up your email service provider account and configure the account
  • Upload & manage lists; list segmentation; manage undeliverable email
  • Email content ideas & calendar
  • Create and send emails
  • Email metrics: reporting on opens, click-throughs, unsubscribes, new subscribes
  • Create & manage email archives
  • Create email signup forms on website & in social media
  • Complete email marketing campaign management
  • Lead nurturing email campaigns