Business & Internet Marketing Philosophy

What I Believe – My Business & Internet Marketing Philosophy

  • The Internet has the potential to support more informed, better decisions that can change society and the world – hopefully for the better!
  • I have benefited from access to technology, and I have an obligation to help improve access to technology for others.
  • Internet consultants need planning, project management, writing, communication and marketing skills as well as technical skills.
  • Integrity, character and basic business skills are as essential to technology companies as they are to traditional companies.
  • There are more important goals than making money. I believe that, by putting my clients first, my business will also do well.

My business does need to make enough profit to sustain itself so that I can continue to contribute my unique skills and expertise. My success is grounded in ethical practices that are in sync with my beliefs.

O3 Value

On Time & Budget

Years of experience plus a careful estimation process allow me to provide fixed prices based on your needs, allowing you to plan your budget knowing exactly how much your website will cost. Use of inexpensive open source software plus good coding practices ensure efficient use of time. A predictable process keeps everyone on track so your website is quickly completed.

On Target

I focus on the unique aspects of your business or organization to help you make good decisions, meet your goals and reach a wider audience via the World Wide Web.

On Principle

I believe that putting your success first is good for my success. Putting my business and technical experience together with a supportive process provides the best value to you and results in a great website.

Giving Back